ADVANCED COURSES (15 ECTS)2019-09-13T12:00:48+00:00

Here is the official list of courses proposed by our doctoral school. Doctoral students must, on completion of their training, achieve 15 ECTS (3 courses) in this group.


If you want to register for an advanced course given at HEC Liège, please send a mail to doctorat.hec@uliege.be 


Advanced Course: Qualitative Methods Camille Meyer 5c
Découvrir la recherche qualitative par la pratique Christophe Lejeune (ULiège) & Laetitia Pozniak (UMons) 5c
Méthodes de recherche en marketing Prof Angy Geerts (UMons) 5c
Quantitative methodology Prof. François RYCX (ULB) and Frank Venmans (UMONS) 5c
International Trade/Development (IT/DVP)    
Advanced Nonprofit Management Prof. Marc Labie (UMons) 5c
Macroéconomie approfondie Prof. Khalid Sekkat (ULB) 5c
Managing Social Entreprises Prof. Marek Hudon (ULB) 5c
Finance / Accounting (FIN/ACC)
Advanced Topics in Financial Theory Prof. Ariane Szafarz (ULB) and Prof. Kim Oosterlinck 5c
Advanced Topics in Management Control Prof. Didier Van Caillie (ULiège) 5c
Financial econometrics Prof. Olivier Scaillet (ULB) 5c
Information Systems/ Supply Chain Management/Management Quantitative Methods (IS/SCM/MQM)
Advanced Topics in Supply Chain Management Prof. Yasemin Arda (ULiège) 5c
Forecasting Methods Prof. Cédric Heuchenne (ULiège) 5c
Ingénierie de la décision Prof. Yves De Smet (ULB) 5c
Seminar of Operations Research Prof. Yves Crama (ULiège) 5c
Stochastic Calculus Prof. Griselda Deelstra (ULB) 5c
Marketing/Strategy (MKT/Strat)
Marketing Analytics Prof. Sandra Rothenberger (ULB) 5c
Marketing industriel et des projets Prof. Chantal Scoubeau (UMons) 5c
Human resources/Organization (HR/Org)
Information Technology & Organizational Change Prof. François Pichault (ULiège) 5c
Innovation/Entrepreneurship (I/E)
Doctoral Seminar in Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (SEPHI) Prof. Benjamin Huybrechts (ULiège) and Prof. Virginie Xhauflair (ULiège) 5c
Seminar in Entrepreneurship Prof. Bernard Surlemont (ULiège) 5c
Topic in Innovation Prof. Bruno Van Pottelsberghe 5c


You may also consult the list of doctoral courses of the LSM doctoral school or advanced courses in your domain at another Belgian or foreign university, and submit some of them to your local doctoral committee.

If you want to have more informations about LSM courses and schedules, please contact Jasmine De Wulf (Jasmine.dewulf@uclouvain.be). 

Doctoral main courses for 2019-2020: 

Epistemology of Management 

Research Methods (3 parts) 

Theories of Organizations in Management 

Communication and Writing Skills