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Doctoral students must, on completion of their training, attend the courses in this list.

Choose one between:


10c Doctoral seminar    Prof. H. Pirotte (ULB)
10c Doctoral seminar    Prof. D. Van Caillie (ULiège)


Choose one between:

5c Découvrir la recherche qualitative par la pratique – Prof. C. Lejeune (ULiège) & Laetitia Pozniak (UMons)

5c Quantitative methodology – Prof. F. RYCX (ULB), Mélanie Volral (UMons) and F. Venmans (UMons)

5c Advanced Course: Qualitative Methods – Camille Meyer (ULB)

5c Epistemology and Critical Issues in Management Studies – Kevin Jackson (ULB)

5c Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods in Management – Anne Drumaux (ULB)


You may also consult the list of compulsory doctoral courses of the DSM (UCLouvain-UNamur) doctoral school and submit some of them to your local doctoral committee.

If you want to have more information about DSM courses and schedules, please contact Miss Jasmine De Wulf (