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Doctoral students must, on completion of their training, attend all the courses in this list.

2c Introduction to the PhD training
3c Epistemology and Critical Issues in Management Studies


Choose one between:


10c Doctoral seminar    Prof. H. Pirotte (ULB)
10c Doctoral seminar    Prof. D. Van Caillie (ULiège)


Choose one between:


5c Découvrir la recherche qualitative par la pratique – Prof. C. Lejeune (ULiège) & Laetitia Pozniak (UMons)

5c Discovering Qualitative Research through Practice – Prof. C. Lejeune (ULiège) 

5c Quantitative methodology – Prof. F. RYCX (ULB) and F. Venmans (UMONS)

5c Advanced Course: Qualitative Methods – Camille Meyer (ULB)



You may also consult the list of compulsory doctoral courses of the LSM (Louvain School of Management) doctoral school and submit some of them to your local doctoral committee.

If you want to have more information about LSM courses and schedules, please contact Miss Jasmine De Wulf (