The doctoral training program is designed to acquire 60 ECTS, which are divided into the following categories:

  • Core learning – 15 ECTS

  • Advanced courses – 15 ECTS

  • Research Activities and transversal skills – 30 ECTS

We encourage candidates to exceed these ECTS requirements and to take advantage of all relevant opportunities in a way that is useful for their doctoral project.

Core learning & advanced classes

In order to fulfill their training requirements, doctoral students must complete three “advanced classes” (15 ECTS).

  • See the list of core courses here

  • See the list of advanced courses here

Doctoral candidates may take other advanced courses that are specific to their field of study at another Belgian or foreign university, subject to the approval of their local doctoral committee.

Research activities & transversal skills

The category of research activities and transversal skills (25 ECTS) encompasses a range of tasks, including attending seminars and conferences, presenting papers, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, organizing events, participating in research networks, and undertaking additional training activities. The criteria for crediting such activities vary between universities. For further information, please contact your administrative officer.

At least 15 ECTS must be obtained through active research productions

Important notice for ULB PhD candidates only:

From the academic year 2023-2024, candidates newly enrolled in the ULB doctoral training programme will be required to attend in person a minimum of 5 Research Seminars in Applied Economics and Management (RSAEM) per year. This will be credited for 5 ECTS of passive Research Activities


For additional information, kindly contact the university of your interest

HEC Liège
HEC Liège
HEC Liège, Management School of the University of Liège
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
University of Mons – Warocqué Faculty of Economics and Management