The Doctoral School of Management Sciences

The Doctoral School of Management Sciences is a joint initiative between ULB (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management), ULiège (HEC Liège – Management School of the University of Liège), and UMONS (Warocqué School of Business and Economics) that aims to provide high-level training, in line with the most demanding international standards. The programme combines mastery of theories and methods, innovation, critical thinking, group work, and a personal approach. It revolves around a general principle: the creation of value in an increasingly globalised world, applied to various fields of management, such as strategy, finance, marketing, production, information systems, organisation, human resources, and more.

The programme is bilingual (French/English) and prioritises:

  • International openness

  • Scientific excellence

  • Innovation and

  • Publication in scientific journals

The doctoral training programme offered by the ULB, the ULiège and the UMONS is FNRS-approved. It comprises a core curriculum aimed at assuring a uniform skills base, encouraging knowledge among doctoral students and comparison of models, research questions, and methods; as well as a specialization programme comprising advanced classes and themed workshops in several management areas.

Core learning

Students must follow 15 ECTS of core courses

Advanced courses

We have developed an offer of advanced courses in 6 management areas

Research activities & transversal skills

Students are expected to engage in various research activities

Seminars & Events

Each University organizes research seminars on a frequent basis

Scientific Committee

The programme is managed by a Scientific Committee made up of representatives from each university:

  • HEC Liège – ULiège: Prof. Ashwin Ittoo and Prof. Laurence Dessart
  • ULB: Prof. François Rycx and Prof. Catherine Janssen
  • UMONS: Prof. Chantal Scoubeau and Prof. Mélanie Volral (EDT spokesperson)