Doctoral Seminar (HEC Liège)

Frédéric Dufays (HEC Liège -ULiège)
HEC Liège, Rue Louvrex 14,  4000 Liège
Core Learning


Date Main theme / Objectives
23/10/2023 Introduction to the course
Positioning yourself as a researcher
06/11/2023 Acknowledging the diversity of worldviews
Positioning your research by formulating a research question
Reading a paper
20/11/2023 The role of researcher in society
27/11/2023 Crafting a literature review
Understanding the publication process (part 1)
11/12/2023 Defining a research design
Identifying specific issues in data collection
18/12/2023  Analysing data
Reporting and discussing findings
22/01/2024 Presentation of paper projects
19/02/2024 Crafting an introduction
Living the PhD life
04/03/2024 Understanding the publication/peer-review process
Writing a review
18/03/2024 Research integrity
TBD Presentation skills
TBD Presentation of final paper


Mode of delivery

The course consists of presentations by the professor, interactive class discussions in which active participation is required, and group exercises. It is absolutely necessary to prepare and send the assignments in advance in order to attend the classes with prepared contents and concrete examples. Substantial time will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of doctoral students’ ongoing research projects and the course settings are designed to allow for constructive feedback. In function of the sanitary situation, certain sessions and group exercises can be organized online.

Recommended or required readings

  • The course will be partly based on the following book, which students can but do not need to acquire:
  • Saunders, M. N. K., Thornhill, A., & Lewis, P. (2018), Research Methods for Business Students, Harlow: Pearson.
  • Additional readings will be provided in the Lola section dedicated to the course.

Assessment methods and criteria

The course grade will be determined by a set of intermediary assignments (40%) as well as by a final work (50%) and its presentation (10%).

The final work consists in writing a full paper (max. 12,000 words), its abstract and the cover letter explaining why you think the paper should be of interest to the targeted journal.

Organizational remarks

Participation in all sessions is compulsory. English will be the only language used. Assignments have to be delivered in this language. Registration is required before October 15, 2022.

At no time is it tolerated to use materials from former academic years or other sources. No plagiarism of any kind will be tolerated.


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