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The Doctoral School in Management Sciences

The Doctoral School in Management Sciences set up jointly by the ULB (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management), the ULg (HEC - School of Management) and the UMons (Warocqué Faculty) aims to offer high level training, in accordance with the most demanding international standards, combining mastery of theories and methods, innovation, critical thinking, group work and personal approach. The program is organized around a general principle: the creation of value in an increasingly globalized world, as applied to the various fields of management: strategy, finance, marketing, production, information systems, organization, human resources, etc.

The program is bilingual French/English and gives priority to international openness, scientific excellence and innovation as well as publication in scientific journals. The priority of international openness is marked in particular by a policy of privileged partnership with certain foreign institutions: METEOR, the Research School of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, the Lille Institute of Business Administration, University of Lille 1, the management training and research unit of the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.

The doctoral learning program offered by the ULB, the ULg and the UMons meets the essential condition of specialization and integration of knowledge in a global economy. It is FNRS-approved. It comprises a) a core curriculum aimed at assuring a uniform skills base, encouraging knowledge among doctoral students and comparison of models, research questions and methods; b) a specialization program comprising advanced classes and themed workshops in each of the six management areas: international trade and development; finance and accounting; information systems, supply chain management and Management Quantitative Methods; marketing and strategy; human resources and organization; innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program is managed by a scientific Committee made up of representatives from each university:

  • ULg: Prof. Yves Crama and Prof. Marie Lambert
  • UMons: Prof. Anne Heldenbergh and Prof. Mélanie Volral (EDT spokesperson)
  • ULB: Prof. Ariane Szafarz and Prof. François Rycx


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